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Explaining Credits value with feature set

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Where only title is provided by the user in order to generate the article

Pro Plan

2 Credit - 1 Article in Pro Mode

In this case you get to chose important keywords in article and blog outline

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How much does it cost?

For Now, we work on a credit based system where, 1 credit is equal to one simple mode article, and 2 credit is equal to one pro mode article.

2. What is Pro Mode?

Pro Mode in our tool, helps you write more efficient and relevant article, where in you can add multiple keywords and heading to make your article more informative and strong.

3. How much can I write?

There is no upper limit by us you can write as many articles as you want, we wont restrict you from adding credits to your ac. PS. you can contact us for any enterprise or bulk deals.

4. Is There Any Word Limit Set?

Now we dont have any word limit set to the articles, it will write the best information no matter how much words are required.

5. Is there any Refund Policy?

No we dont have any refund policy for more check our terms and conditions page.

6. What if i dont like the output?

You can contact us for any issues if you find in any articles.

7. What Payment Methods we support?

Wordbucks supports all major credit cards and debit cards. We secure your payment method with a 3D secure authentication for your privacy and protection.

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