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Features Of Our AI-Blog Writer

Faster and Better

Wordbucks AI will help you create kickass content for your Blog 20X faster than any human-generated content within seconds.

Automation is the Key

You no longer have to worry about editing your content based on your target audience. Simply ask our AI assistant and create more personalized content.

Quality over Quantity

Every sentence created by the AI tool is fact-checked and error-free, making the content of top-notch quality every time.

Higher Content Output

You can create a 1000-word blog within minutes. That is how efficient the WordBucks AI writing tool is. Simply feed the tool with your keyword, and get highly optimized content in the blink of an eye.

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Some of the most frequently
Asked Questions

1. How does it work?

We are using OpenAI's GPT-3, a neural network powered language model that has been trained on nearly half a trillion words in order to write with you.

2. Are articles Unique & Plagiarism Free?

Yes, Our AI writer engine writes articles from scratch, often within seconds. These articles pass plagiarism tests. If there's a lack of facts or widely used phrases.

3. Is there any free Trial?

Yes, as a promotional scheme currently we are running an offer where for every verified account you get 5 credits for free.

4. Are articles generated by Wordbucks SEO Friendly?

Yes, the articles generated using WordBucks are completely SEO Friendly and does rank in google if you optimise it well.

5. Do These Articles Rank ?

Yes, if you follow the SEO Guidlines which are required to run a successful SEO Blog, then definitely our content does rank.

6.How Many Languages We Support?

For now we have support of three languages, English, French, & German. Adding more such languages in the future.